17 Jan 2019

NNU Income Registration Guide 2019: How To register and earn 50k monthly

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Delivered by Okejiri

Today we shall be discussing on nnu income registration guide 2019

Are you still confused if nnu income program  legit or scam?  If the answer is yes then welcome to my blog because this post is all about nnu income program and if they are are legit or scam.

So continue reading because we are going to be discussing a lot today.

Areas Of Concentration On NNU Income Program

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2. Is nnu income program legit or scam etc

2. NNU income registration guide

So all you are the expected and enrolled to do is to continue  reading. 

But hey,  which keyword did you used to find this blog? 

1.NNU Income Program 

2. NNU Income Registration 2019

3. NNU Income legit or scam

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Well I have nothing to do with the keyword you used to find this blog,  my job is to show you how to register on nnu income program and make at least 50k monthly like others are doing.


I promised to be honest on this post. 

You should know by now that making money online is not easy,  but is not so on nnu income program. 

All you have to do is to complete the simple work assigned to your and you will earn instantly.  Isn't that awesome?  Of course it is. 

Well let me go ahead and  give you the information you want. 

What Is NNU Income Program? 

(NIP) NNU INCOME PROGRAM is a make money online opportunity that was created to help Nigerians make extra money  by just completing simple task. 

Nobody is left out on this nnu income Program, be you are teacher, office worker,  student,  etc.

N-N-U simply means nigeria news update. 

This program allow you earn money by just reading news, sharing post, commenting,  referring people to the program.  Etc

So all you have to do is to register  and start banking immediately.

Ceo Of NNU income Program 

Paul Samson is the founder and brain behind NNU. Since this man has been on internet marketing, no record of scamming or cheating can be traced back to him. Right before he founded NNU income program, he had created income programs like Eboss,ng, and some other programs.

How To Earn On NNU Income Program 

NNU income has two ways of earning, 


NNU Income will pay you when you participate on the the daily task assigned to you,  the task is sharing post on facebook,  commenting,  readings news,  posting forum topics. 


nnu also has an affiliate program that's  pay you more money when you bring people to do program. 

so all you have to do now is to purchase nnu income pack with the sum of N1600, the payment is once so you don't have to renew it. 

with NAP,  you will earn 62.25%  of any referred  signup,  that is anybody that join nnu income program through your nnu affiliate link. 

The 62.25% is N1000, hehe.  Isn't that awesome?  

Who Is Allowed To Join NNU Income? 

Nobody is restricted from this nnu income Program.

Are you a house wife,  student,  graduate,  farmer?  Or whatever,  you are free to join nnu income Program,  just purchase the nnu income pack and start earning immediately.

Go and refer your friends,  school mates, relations,  social media friends etc.

Will I Get Paid On NNU income Program Without Referral 

Many people are said that nnu won't pay you if you don't have referral on your account,  well is a lie. 

nnu will pay you with or without referral , so all you have to do is to register,  make money and request for payment and your earnings will be paid to you.

Is NNU Income Program Closing Soon? 

Hey,  nnu income Program came to stay, is not closing soon as far as the owner and the forum exist. 

Requirements for nnu Incone Registration?

I know you will be asking your self this question. Well their is no much things required before you can be a member of nnu income. 
All you are expected to have are;

1. Facebook account: you will use your Facebook account and be sharing post.

2. Bank account: you will use your bank account and be receiving your money 

3. N1600: as a new member if nnu income, you are expected to make a onetime registration with the sum of 1600 

Is NNU Scam Or Legit? 

Well you are not wrong to ask your self this question, am one of the people that thought that nnu income is a scam until i joined and cash out .

am assuring you one thing which is you will make huge money once you become a member.

nnu income program is legit. 

What Am I Required To Do On NNU Income Program Before I Earn

nnu income is increasing the money for post sharing steady.

Here are things you are entitled to do-

1. Share post to Facebook
2. Comment on a post
3. Raise forum topic
4. Refer people

 Before nnu  is paying N50 for post sharing and N50 for daily login and N1 for commenting and N1000 for referral.

But now they have increased it which look quite amaze.

Now you can earn up to 4k daily when you become a member.

You will earn N100 per each post you shared on Facebook

N50 for daily login

N2 for each comment you made

N1000 for each person that registered through your link.

N100 for raising forum topic etc

What's the minimum payout?

Paul Samson the CEO of nnu income will pay you  once you have the minimum of 5k on you nnu account.

How will i receive the money?

Receiving the money is never a problem, nnu income will pay you straight to your bank account once you request for payment.

What if i was unable to register my self?

If you can't register your self just meet on Facebook or call me on phone i will register you immediately.
Phone num- 07065160758

nnu income registration guide

Now you have understood how nnu  income program  works.. The next step you will take is to register with them and  start making money immediately.

I know you can't wait any longer to take a step which is to register and start making money,  let me teach you how to register on nnu income Program 

But nnu  charges 1600 naira before you can become a member.

But that should not draw you back because you will make upto 20k   within a week.

Currently,  have two methods which you can use and pay them,  they are.

1. Paystack

With Paystack all you have to do is to enter your ATM detail and proceed with the payment.

2. Coupon code

With a coupon, you will need to purchase a code from a coupon code distributor.

Below are the recommended Distributors of NNU Income Programm Coupon Code, contact any of them to purchase the NNU coupon Code coupon

But i will advise you to use Paystack. 

now follow the below steps and register immediately,

1. Go to 

3. A form will come out.. Then fill out the form(please fill the form with correct information) and please you a valid Email address.  You can create one Here

4. Chose a form of payment (use paystack if you have ATM card)

Then click continue..
 A new window will come out where you will fill in your ATM ,

After that click on the pay button.

Boom,  yyou have successfully registered on nnu income Program.

Account approved what next?

How can I earn and how do I get paid on NNU?

There are 6 ways in which you can earn on NNU Income Program Real Quick at the point of getting approved.

NAP: You will earn 62.25% for valid referrals you do. Each referral earns you N1,000, and that’s the 62.25% I am talking about. NNU plans to pay you commissions when other valuable products are introduced. In which you will earn even more commissions per each products sale.

Active Daily login: NNU will pay you daily when you log in daily browsing and reading news. For each day you login NNU will Credit you N50 or more to your dashboard earning depending on their daily ad revenue.

Reading Posts, Commenting and Contributing: For each latest posts you read, comment and contribute to on NNU, You will N2or more depending on the Ad revenue for that day.

Posting Forum Topic: For each well written, genuine forum topic you post that gets approved, you earn N100.

Sharing of Sponsored posts on Facebook and TwitterNNU income Program Add assigned posts almost every day and for a day you share an assigned post as recommended, you will earn N100.

NARS: as NNU shares Monthly Ad revenue with you when you take part in the program activities.

According to NNU; they do not limit your earning amount, which only means you can make as much money as you can it all depends on how much time you and effort you put in daily to earn on the platform.

How do I add my Bank account From NNU income Program?

Login to you NNU account and click on “payment settings” as seen on the image.

Enter your bank details in the empty form provided by NNU.

Account Number: 

Account Name: 


See image below for a better understanding.

The smallest balance required for you to cash out is N5, 000 and terms and conditions apply 

All your earnings, NAP + NARS + Month-end Ad Revenue will be paid to your assigned account number, Withdrawal form is available from 1th of every month till 25th and payout proceeds on 27th to 30th of every month.


now you have learnt how to register on nnu income program,  the next step you are entitled to take is to register immediately and stop search  nnu income registration  or nnu legit or scam. 

This post has given you the information you want. 

Join NNU Income Program now

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Delivered by Okejiri

Enter your email address:

Delivered by Okejiri

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