24 Mar 2019

Hiwap Scam Review: Don't Join (Hiwap Is A Scam)

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If you are reading this post that means you're searching for hiwap review.

If you really wants to know if hiwap is legit or scam then you have to relax and digest this post.

You've made the right decision to visit this post to enable you know if this latest income site by Paul Samson is legit or not.

Hiwap Review For 2019

Am not going to prolong this post at all.

Hiwap simply means health is wealth affiliate program.

It was  launched earlier March 2019.

 after reading this post you will realize if hiwap is legit or scam 

But to me, hiwap is 100% scam site. Here is my reasons

1. Hiwap is owned by Paul Samson the CEO of a popular scam site in Nigeria (nnu income).

According to my research, Paul Samson the owner of nnu income program said he is not the owner of this latest scam income site called hiwap.

The truth is that Paul Samson is the CEO of of hiwap income site

He created the site and denied the ownership because he knows that he has already tarnished his image on nnu income program, coolnaira, e-boss foundation 

This man has many income site which he is using to scam people in the name of helping Nigerian youth .  he has three castigated income site and as if is not enough he opened another one called hiwap.

2.  Paul Samson is still owing people on nnu income program, cool naira, e-boss foundation.

Instead of clearing the old depth he went and open another one and denied the ownership so that people will join the program.

Paul Samson scammed my 30k on nnu income program. I requested for payment on October 2018, uptil now he haven't pay me. Others are complaining the same thing.

He is still

Please for your own good, don't join hiwap.

3. People are complaining of not getting paid on nnu income program, E-boss foundation, cool naira and other income program owned by Paul Samson.

Now he just launched another income site to accumulate more money.

He has a legit pattern of scamming people, at the beginning he will Starr paying very well, as time goes on he will implement a die hard terms and conditions and at last he will stop paying. If you want to join this program kindly have it in  mind that the criminal called Paul Samson could eat your hard earn money any time he want.


Now you have seen the hiwap review so its now left for you to decide if hiwap is legit or scam .

But my advise for you is this, don't join any income site again in Nigeria, all of them is scam.

No one believe that nnu income program will turn out to be a scam.

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Delivered by Okejiri

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Delivered by Okejiri


  1. Wow nice article ,thanks, some mumu will still join them.

  2. As far as money dey involved, its not trash

  3. Its such a pity...
    Funny enough, a lot of Nigerians will still fall for this cheap scam!

    Well, thanks for creating this post dear

  4. Hahahabahahahaha I can't stop laughing, the idiot want me to live my blog and be writing for him, na him way rich fit, na thunder go rost him.

  5. OMoh my own review will soon land, nice drop sha......

  6. As time goes on they is no more legit income program this days, NNU is a scam, Hiwap is a scam and no doubt about it, only the fools will choose to go on and try them.

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