22 Mar 2019

NNU Income Program Scam Review: Don't Join (NNU Income Program Is A Scam)

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If you're here that means you wants to know if nnu income program is legit or scam

Don't worry am going open your eyes today, am going to tell you some mysterious things you don't know about nnu income program.

after reading this post you will realize that Paul Samson and nnu income program is a big time scam.

As of 2017 when this nnu income started, people was afraid to join due to how online income sites works in Nigeria. Nobody knows that nnu income program came to render Nigerian youths useless as mmm did.  They were pretending as if they are legit as of the time they started.

I was once a member on this nnu income, like i said before. They are operating very fine as of 2017 when they open newly. But they notice an increase in there income program so they started misbehaving.

Now let me tell you why nnu income program is a big time scam.

NNU Income Program Legit Or Scam?

My brothers and sister nnu income program is a big time scam. Don't join no matter how they try to convince you. Some will show you bank alert etc. Don't listen to them or you will live to regret.

1. last year October (2018) I requested for payment on nnu and i was expecting my payment a month later as usual because they normally delay payment like mad.

Since that last year October till now I haven't see any alert.  I have contacted them via support, live chat, even massaged the scammer that owned the site still no reply. I was fed up.

I was having 27 referral before i requested for payment.

they has published payment record on my dashboard which means they have paid me. Lol

But up til now am writing this post i haven't see any alert. That means my money has gone . so tell me the reason why you want to waste your hard earned money, time and data on nnu income program.

2. This is what nnu normally used to convince people, read news and earn 20 naira, comment and earn 50 naira,  share post and earn 100 naira. Lol

Its funny though, do you know all the money you earned through sharing sponsored post, reading news, and commenting is a waste of time because you can't withdraw it. They said they have integrated a new thing on the site whereby you will use your earning to buy airtime or playbill. They truth is that you can't use the money you earned through sharing sponsored post, reading of news and commenting on the site to buy airtime or play bill. You can only use your referral earning to do that.

 Can you imagine, they will only allow you to use the money to advertise on the site, and you must have up to 30k nars earning before you can advertise on the site with your nars earning. Don't join nnu because it's a big time  scam. Help save more people from this wicked Paul Samson and his nnu income program by sharing this post on social media.

Imagine i contacted nnu income advertising agent to assist me on how to advertise on nnu since i can't withdraw the money. I was very surprise when the guy told me to pay 5000 before he can assist me.

3. Do you know Paul Samson the owner of nnu income program has many other income sites apart from nnu which he is also using to scam people?  And recently he opened another one called hiwap.

Paul Samson the owner of nnu income program is also the owner of e-boss foundation , coolnaira , hiwap  and other sites he is using to scam.

4. .NNU Facebook group and page only allow comments from Paul Sampson’s selected accomplices who only shower praises on him. Not all members can comment.

 so complaints will not be posted to discourage new people from joining the program.

5. NNU claims to be giving away millions of Naira monthly via raffle draw yet they are yet to pay people who spend time promoting the website.

6. Imagine a big scam site like nnu income program which is scamming almost 10 million daily from Nigerian youths is using Google AdSense on the site to enrich his self more. And you still say that the site is legit.

7. On nnu income program, you must have 2 referral before they can pay you even if you earned 1 million from sharing post they won't pay you until you refer someone.

8. A big scam site like nnu income program is using adfly to earn more money with his site but people don't know. If you doubt me go and click sponsored link you see that it will redirect you somewhere before you earn. A big site like nnu income program is not supposed to be doing that shit.

The owner Of NNU Income Program

After some years the man refused to show his face because he knows what is going to happen. But thank God I have his picture on my PC.

The person that is behind this scam site is Paul Samson 

If i tell you how many billions this man has scammed Nigerian youths you won't believe me.

With the above reasons, I feel very embarrassed to have allowed a criminal like Paul Sampson to use my head. Just yesterday he posted how the site is now ranking No 10 on Alexa Nigeria, yet he forgot that Nigerians spent day and night to make the site popular.
The 4 persons I referred to joined NNU have been bombarding me with series of questions I can’t answer and it has to an extent damaged by reputation because of who I am to them.

Sometimes I blame the Nigerian system, this site is registered with the CAC and should be closely monitored by the agency including financial security agencies like EFCC and ICPC. How can a young man of that age have the boldness to dupe people broad day light. He didn’t only duped them but also enslaved people to promote his site for him thereby making him get huge offers from companies to advertise on his website because of the growing popularity of the site.

I therefore called on well-meaning Nigerians to forthwith boycott NNU until Paul Sampson pay all those who worked for him what they rightly earned.

Also, stop referring people to waste their precious time and money on that site.


Am not done with this nnu income program scam review , this is just the part one of it. Just stay glued for more.

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Delivered by Okejiri

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Delivered by Okejiri

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  1. Glad,/I didn't join him... I was a coolnaira member but then I realised that such an MLM is not sustainable. Samson Paul does not believe in God, so his conscience is not even pricking. I believe currently he is devising a new plan to scam Nigerians


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